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Antalya Cıralı Transfer

Olympos, which is one of the most beautiful districts of Kemer – Antalya, is one of the most special place to visit in Antalya. The transfer process of Cirali Antalya takes place easily. Due to the distance between Antalya and Cirali which is 90 kilometres, Antalya Cirali transfer can be easily taken in 95 minutes. Cirali is one of the most popular places with the combination of the sea, forest and the fine sandy beach. It has a coastline of 50 to 100 meters wide and 3.2 kilometers long.

Places To Visit In Cirali

It is one of the must-see places with its sea clean, magnificent nature, ancient cities,mythological legends and caretta carettas that lay eggs on the coastline every year.

Olympos:  It started to be built in 300 BC. In Greek, Olympos Mountain. It is one of the most important settlements of the Lycians. It is known that Alexander the Great spent the winter months in a port city called Phaselis, near Olympos, during the first years  of conquest. Olympos has been one of the popular holiday alternatives  of the recent years.

Phaselis: It is an ancient city located in the district of Kemer, right next to Cirali. It has a very rich histprical background. There are many ruins from the Roman period.

Chimera ( Burning Stone ): A never ending attraction that attracts many tourists every year. Chimera , which is a fire, is one of the most famous places in Cirali. It burns with a burning fire as aresult of natural gas compression and never goes out. Chimera, can be seen accompanied by a small climb and beautiful scenery.

How To Get to Cirali?

One of the best transportation options to Antalya is by plane. Antalya is a city that is flooded by many local and foreign tourists during the summer months. Due to the crowdedness of Antalya, problems can arise in terms of traffic. With Kemer Tur Vip, Antalya airport Cirali (Çıralı )  transfer and Cirali (Çıralı ) Antalya airport transfer can be easily transferred with economic prices and comfort. The distance of 90 kilometres between Antalya and Cirali (Çıralı ) will take about 95 minutes.

Cirali (Çıralı ) Transportation

In Cirali (Çıralı ), where the mediterranean climate is dominant, the temperature does not fall below zero in winter months. Spring season is very  hot in Cirali (Çıralı ), where the spring period is experienced for a long time. Cirali (Çıralı ) is a place to be visited all year round.