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Tour Transportation Service Service

When it comes to tour transportation, we think of tour companies. Tour services are of course a factor within the tourism sector. Of course, we should define the tourism factor here. Tourism means traveling in order to rest, see and learn. Tourism is examined in two different categories, both national and international. 

Principles Of Tourism

The important thing in tourism transportation is taking measures. As long as necessary precautions can be taken, it is very safe and fun. It includes different factors of tour transportation. These factors are intangibility, weakness and inseparability. İnactivity involves factors such as not being able to taste, be heard, or be seen before purchasing the tourism service. Vulnerability can be defined as not pre-stored and unusable at another time. Tourism cannot be stored in different ways before and cannot be used at different times. The principle of inseparability is that the service is generally produced and consumed simultaneously to consume it in different places and times.

Features Of Tour  Transportation

There are basic features in defining tourism. We can list these basic features in different items.

These items are:

1-Image is effective in tour transportation. What and why the tour was made and how it happened beforehand affects its future.

2-The attitudes and behaviors of the company personel with tour transportation towards those who prefer are effective

3- The image differences of the tour transportation providers within the tourism sector are influential.

4-The targeted person or persons are important fort he tour.

Vehicles And Qualifications In Tour Transportation

The important factor for tour transportation is, of course, primarily how the transportation is carried out. Transportation is done by land, air or sea. The most common type of transportation is land transportation. The qualities of vehicles used in land transportation are important. The vehicles used serve according to the road traffic law. The ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems applications of the vehicles used, must be properly done. In addition, vehicle drivers must have the required documents in full. Vehicles must have complete mandatory services and insurances. Vehicle cleaning must be complete. In addition, the authorization documents must be complete.